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Comfort in the Waiting Room

No one likes to wait when they go to the doctor’s office. There is nothing worse than arriving for your appointment, kids in tow, only to sit for 30 minutes because the office is behind schedule. There are many different reasons why an office may run behind but that isn’t the focus of this post.

Our office needs your help. We are reviewing various magazine titles and want to know your favorites. When you walk through the magazine section of CVS or Kroger there are probably 50 different magazine titles. Our list has been reduced down to 17 titles. We are posting on our blog, Facebook and Instagram to find out what you want to read. Please comment on your favorite titles. Hopefully you won’t have to wait on us, but if you do we’ll keep you entertained.

Rolling Stone Womens Health Forbes

Bon Appetit Bon Appetit Mens Health

Reptiles Sports Illustrated US Weekly

Crochet World Highlights Better Homes

Cooking Light Car Driver Popular Mechanics

Time people-magazine


There you have it, the magazine contenders. Please let us know what you think and if anyone deserves a write-in nomination. Magazines are entertaining but there is a lot more to our waiting room. Here are some other amentities that are provided to try and make your visit more comfortable.


There is nothing worse than a sticky, stiff vinyl waiting room chair. Luckily you brought the disinfectant wipes to protect you and your littles ones from the creepy crawly germs that are undoubtedly there. You will not find a dirty chair in this office. We are constantly wiping, sanitizing, spraying and sterilizing the office space. We use extremely comfortable materials like Ultraleather, that’s the material in First Class seats on airplanes. Vinyl…not in this office.


A waiting room without a TV is bad, a TV stuck on the 12 o’clock soap operas is even worse. To keep “Days of Our Lives” out of your life we stream all the latest celebrity, sports and national news to on an LED TV. Don’t like what is on TV, we’ve got complementary iPad’s available for you to have your own private viewing of ESPN, Gilmore Girls or if you just want to watch the soap’s in private.


Lets face it, mobile phones give us access to so much entertainment these days. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu+, HBO GO…the content is everlasting. Your data allotment from the mobile carrier isn’t everlasting. No one likes that warning text alerting you to a low data allowance. We offer complimentary wi-fi for all our patients. Tweet, like, post and pin your heart out you data munchers!

Low Battery

It is 3pm and you finally get to sit down and from a day of work or driving around the kids. You’ve connected to the free wi-fi and are ready to indulge in the latest social media happenings. Then it hits, the dreaded end-of-day low battery indicator. Don’t worry, we’ve neatly placed chargers for android, apple and most other devices in the waiting room, so power up!

We hope you find our waiting room to be comfortable and our office inviting. You time is precious and it is our goal to never keep you waiting. We hope that our office provides a bit of relaxation in this fast paced world. Come early, relax and let our team give you the dental care you deserve!


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