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Knoxville Dentist resolves to provide dental care you deserve

Our Commitment To The Dental Care You Deserve

From cosmetic dentistry to dental cleanings, our Knoxville dental team always aims to provide the dental care you deserve. If you’ve been following the posts of our Knoxville dental office then you have heard our tagline before.  When a person walks into our office we are honored that they chose our office, trusting us with their mouth and their money.

While everyone in our office has their own personal New Year’s Resolution, we decided to set one for the office. For 2017 we want to reaffirm our commitment to to you, or patients. We resolve to continue providing dental care you deserve. So how do we do this?

Treat You Like Family

When you walk through the doors of Coulter Family Dentistry you don’t have to earn our respect. We’re going to treat you like our own mother, father, daughter or son. If you have a tooth problem, we’ll talk about all your treatment options. We won’t tell you to do the quickest or most expensive treatment. Instead we’ll talk to you like one of our own and plan for the dental care you deserve.

Better Ourselves

Did you know that licensed dental professionals are required to participate in continuing education programs every few years? Dentists in Knoxville are required to obtain 40 hours of continuing education every 2 years. In the current cycle Dr. Coulter has earned over 400 hours of continuing education. Our office is committed to this high level of education in order to provide you with the dental care you deserve.

Evolve With Technology

Technological advances in dentistry allow patients to receive more predictable care, lower priced care, more efficient care or all of the above. Our dental office already utilizes digital xrays and digital photography to diagnose and explain treatment options. 3D imaging is used to assist in the planning and placing of dental implants. This increases the precision and accuracy of the implant dentistry we are provide. We incorporate digital records to streamline medical history and minimize the potential for mistakes due to lost documents. We are always on the lookout for new pieces of technology that allow us to better deliver the dental care you deserve.


We are truly grateful for every person that walks through the doors of our Knoxville office. We smile when you visit our office because serving you is the reason we are here. Without the wonderful people of Knoxville and the surrounding areas our dental office would not be here. Our smiles show that we are happy to provide you with the dental care you deserve. 


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