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Dental Excellence

We offer a full range of adult and pediatric dental services. Our commitment to dental care means that we welcome advancements in dental technology and embrace new opportunities to further our education and training. The bottom line: we want you to have the best experience and best care, all in one package.

Complimentary Services

We offer complimentary consultations for:

  • Prospective patients – If you are looking for a new dentist in Knoxville we would love to meet you! Our prospective patient appointment will enable you to visit our office and meet Dr. Coulter and the rest of the team. Prospective patients will be able to review general treatment options, be given a fee overview, discuss insurance benefits and establish your expectations for our office.
  • Second opinions – Many people want a second opinion when presented with a treatment plan that is expensive or intimidating. If you saw a dentist in Knoxville and still have unanswered questions we’re here to help. Dr. Coulter will sit down with you and answer any questions you may have about your dental treatment. The goal of this visit is to alleviate any confusion or anxiety in regards to your dental health.
  • Invisalign – We’ve found that many people in Knoxville are unhappy with their crooked teeth and don’t know what options they have to improve their smile. In as little as 10 weeks Invisalign can straighten your teeth and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. We offer complimentary Invisalign consultations for anyone interested in achieving a beautiful smile.


Exciting technology you can find at our practice:

  • Tooth-colored fillings – This material is technically called composite resin. It provides good durability and resistance to fracture fillings that need to withstand biting forces. We custom match the material to the color of your teeth for optimal esthetics. This approach to cosmetic dentistry will beautifully blend the filling to either front or back teeth. If you want a natural, cosmetic dental work then this is the perfect material for you.
  • Digital patient records on a private server – We won’t misplace your patient record or forget to file your insurance claim. Our office utilizes some of the most advanced software in the dental industry. This software allows us to electronically file dental insurance claims which results is less error, more accurate communication and improved processing times.
  • Digital X-rays – Dr. Coulter is the first dentist in Knoxville to implement the ProSensor HD digital x-ray sensors. Our cutting edge dental technology offers outstanding images in a matter of seconds. This makes dental imaging comfortable for patients. In fact, on some patients we are able make x-ray images without putting anything in their mouth.
  • Advanced imaging technology for implant and veneer design – We utilize cone beam computed tomography to plan dental implant cases and ensure the best possible outcomes. Digital photography is incorporated into all of our cosmetic dentistry. Patients are able to see what their veneers or crowns will look like before beginning treatment.
  • Intra-oral cameras – Ever wondered what that top tooth looked like? Dr. Coulter is one of the few Knoxville dentists who takes the time to show his patients what he is seeing in their mouth. You won’t just be told you need a filling, you’ll see the bad tooth and understand what needs to be done to fix it!
  • Advanced sterilization center – Patient safety and patient health is a top priority in our dental office. Our infection control procedures meet all ADA and CDC guidelines in order to ensure the safety of our patients. You can rest assured the the dental care you receive will be in a clean environment using sterile instruments.

Preventative Care


Regular cleanings are the oil changes of the dental world; your mouth will function as its best with regular examinations and removal of hardened plaque that regular brushing can’t fight. For new patients, a cleaning appointment will begin with a digital X-ray to get an inside look at the roots–the lifelines–and hidden contours of your teeth. A skilled hygienist will then clean and polish your teeth. Dr. Coulter examines your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth to ensure they are free from damaging decay and oral disease. You will leave assured that your smile is in good shape!

Restorative Care

Gum Disease and Gingivitis Treatment

Known by dentists as periodontal disease, gum disease (or gingivitis) is an infection of the tissue and bones in the mouth. Gum disease can affect tooth health and sensitivity, causing swelling, tenderness, and bleeding along the gum line. Without treatment, the affected area spreads beneath the gum line to the deeper tissues that support the tooth.

To treat gum disease, a regular cleaning isn’t enough. We do a deep cleaning (local anesthesia may be used) to remove the hardened plaque that is attached to the teeth around and under the gum line. Rough spots along the tooth are smoothed to prevent bacteria from collecting and repeating the process.


We design full or partial dentures to restore your smile and to replace missing or sick teeth. These easily removable replacement teeth are anchored into the mouth using existing teeth, implants, or natural suction. No two patients are the same and neither should be their teeth.
We encourage you to actively participate in selecting the shape, contour and color of your new teeth. By customizing features of the denture your result will be a beautiful, life-like smile.

Crowns & Veneers

A crown, or cap, is a molded covering that restores the structure, soundness, and appearance of a tooth. Similarly, veneers enhance tooth structure and aesthetic appearance and are adhered to the outer surface of the tooth.


A tooth with a cavity is in danger of being dissolved by bacterial byproducts. To treat a cavity, the affected area of the tooth is cleaned out and filled with a mixture of resin and silica that hardens into a tooth-imitating material. While silver fillings have been around for decades, we offer tooth-colored restorations so you’ll never notice a filling was done.


A bridge is a row of natural-looking porcelain teeth placed to “bridge” a gap caused by one or two missing teeth. Bridges are anchored to the mouth using crowns on neighboring teeth.


An implant is a synthetic tooth that is easily anchored into the jawline, effectively replacing a lost, broken, or missing adult tooth. Any number of teeth–even all teeth–can be replaced with implants, which don’t carry the threat of future decay or pain.

Pain Reduction

Anesthesia and Anxiety

Many of us associate dental work with some level of discomfort, and it’s no wonder, with all of the nerves and blood vessels that make up this complex and sensitive part of the body. Thankfully, anesthesia can be used to sooth and block out discomfort while we attend to vital dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide, a breathable gas, relaxes and suppresses pain in simple procedures or prior to injection of local anesthesia. It starts working in just 20 seconds but is mild and non-disorienting. Topical anesthesia may also be used to dampen sensation along your gums.

When an injection of anesthesia is the best option, topical numbing agents decrease your mouth’s sensation before injection. After injection, you will have no sensation in the area we’re working on. We care about your well-being, and we encourage you to talk to us about any fears you have. Our team is committed to providing comfort and compassion from the time you arrive to the time you leave.

We care about your well-being, and we encourage you to talk to us about any fears you have. Patients may have had a bad experience at a previous office, and we understand that. Our team is committed to providing comfort and compassion from the time you arrive to the time you leave. Please come in and talk with us about your concerns. We have several anti-anxiety options that can make odontophobia a thing of the past.

Payment Options


We will file a claim to your insurance on your behalf. If your coverage does not include dental, you will find our prices make sense. For example, a cleaning– including dental exam and all X-rays–is $199, even. Payment plans are also available with 6 months interest-free financing.

Certified Products

We’ve all heard of “Black Market” products and generally think of Ray-Ban sunglasses or Coach handbags. An alarming occurrence in dentistry is the emergence of “Gray Market” dental products. These products may be intended for a foreign market but imported to the U.S. through unsecure supply lines to avoid taxes and regulators. If the gray market version is not the legally marketed version, it may not meet FDA safety and effectiveness standards.

At Coulter Family Dentistry we take pride in our products and our patients. We only purchase our products through authorized distributers. Unlike some large corporate dental offices, we do not use labs in China or other overseas country. All of our dental work is proudly stamped “Made In America” and is fabricated to the high standards you deserve, it is going into your mouth after all.

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