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Knoxville dentist describes an old toothbrush

Not Your Grandmothers Toothbrush

It’s the start of 2017 and a people across Knoxville are making changes in their lives. NBC recently published a statistic showing that “get healthy” is the number one resolution people make in January. We’re sure that is accurate in Knoxville and hope that a healthy mouth is part of that resolution. Do you know one of the easiest ways to make sure you have a healthy mouth, update the gross, old toothbrush beside your sink. A toothbrush is the tool you use (or should be using) to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Let’s talk about why it is a good idea to change your toothbrush.

Three months

When it comes to having a healthy oral cavity we need to have healthy habits! Changing out your toothbrush every three months is an easy way to keep your mouth in tip top shape.


Millions of bacteria call your mouth home, which means your toothbrush does, too! Even the area where your toothbrush is stored has bacteria that can easily be transferred to the bristles. The longer we wait to change our toothbrush, the more bacteria we are introducing to our mouth when we brush.

Air Dry

A lot of the bacteria on your toothbrush grows best in a moist environment, so make sure you’re setting it upright to air dry. When storing at home or packing for a trip it’s best to let your toothbrush air dry BEFORE placing it in your cute container. The drier the cleaner!

Frayed Ends

Beginning to fray? Throw it away! Even if it’s before the three month mark. If it is before the three month mark then you are probably brushing too hard, be nice to your teeth 🙂 When your toothbrush is frayed it’s not as effective so swap it for a new one.

Don’t Share

Believe it or not this is an actual issue. Parents, children, and love birds are sharing their toothbrushes like there’s no tomorrow. We all know you love each other, you don’t have to share your toothbrush to prove it.

New Season, New TB

If it’s hard for you to remember when to change out your toothbrush, just relate a season change with a toothbrush change. If you’re a fashionista go ahead and coordinate your toothbrush with the colors of the season. #Stylish

There you have it Knoxville, some great reasons to change out that old toothbrush. January is the perfect time for a “New Year, New You” resolution. We hope that you will listen to your dentist and include your dental health in your resolution to “get healthy”. Besides, vowing to change your toothbrush regularly is way better than pledging to hit the gym every day!

Knoxville dentist shows new toothbrush

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