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Reason For The Dental Cleaning


“I brush my teeth at home so why do I need a dental cleaning?”
I recently cleaned a patient who asked me this question and it made me wonder how many other patients have the same thought. Throughout the appointment I explained build up, gum disease, and importance of a good dental cleaning.  This made him excited to come back for regular 6 month dental cleaning. I hope that today’s blog can instill the same excitement in all of my patients!


Some patients excuse for putting 3 years in between a dental cleaning is because they are so painful. What they may not realize is that they are making it harder on themselves. The more often you get your teeth cleaned the less tartar will build up, thus less digging in your gums will occur. Dental Hygienists don’t have to be bullies, let them pamper you at your dental cleaning by coming every 6 months!


No, not the math class. When you brush your teeth at home you are removing the soft fuzzy plaque from your teeth. If you miss the same spot every time you brush then that soft plaque becomes hard calculus (tartar). Your saliva has minerals that attach to the plaque and make it like a hard cement. Once that happens your toothbrush will no longer do the job. That’s when the hygienist swoops in to save the day with a dental cleaning!


Once calculus forms, it begins to grow under your gums and in between your teeth. This is especially a problem for all of my non-flossers out there. If a regular dental cleaning isn’t on your agenda, that calculus won’t get removed and your gums and bone will begin to break down. Can you say loose teeth?


A hygienist is most concerned about the patient’s gum health. At your regular dental cleaning gum health is something that is always checked. The scary thing about gum disease is that it’s not always painful and it can sneak up on you! Calculus gets under the gums and irritates the bone, causing it to drop away from the tooth, and the less bone you have the less support you have. Keep your gums healthy with a dental cleaning every six months and your teeth will last a lifetime!


At Coulter Family Dentistry our patients will get a thorough dental cleaning followed by an exam with Dr. Coulter. He will make sure your mouth is healthy and catch any cavities that might be present. Coming more often to get your teeth cleaned will allow us to find decay sooner. The smaller the cavity the easier the filling.


Visit your dental hygienist twice a year and let yourself be pampered. At our Knoxville dental office you can even enjoy massage chairs and paraffin hand wax during your dental cleaning. You might find yourself never wanting to leave the dental chair. By the way, Halloween is right around the corner. With all the candy we’re about to eat, the time is better than ever to get your dental cleaning. Take a look at our post on candy and cavities from last Halloween for a refresher!
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