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Features In Modern General Dentistry – Texting

If you’re in need of some general dentistry in Knoxville, chances are you’re picking up the phone to call and make an appointment. Since it’s 2015 you’re most likely searching google for the number, dialing on your smart phone, having a phone conversation and hopefully not being placed on hold. Is there an easier way to make that family dental appointment? We say yes.

The Pew Research Center has published that in 2007, 58% of people used their phone to text. In 2012 that number had increased to 80%. Obviously texting is becoming an increasingly more common way to communicate. If people are looking for a general dentistry provider on their phone, and texting is an increasingly more common method of communication, then making a dental appointment via text is the logical conclusion.

Coulter Family Dentistry offers general dentistry that is on the forefront of scientific and technological development. Our communication systems are top of the line. Our main phone number, 865-281-1444 is capable of receiving voice, text and fax messages. It can probably slice, dice and chop an onion but we don’t want to overdo it. General dentistry of the 21st century, that’s Coulter Family Dentistry. We are Knoxville’s local dentist provider of  comprehensive family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry and all around awsome general dentistry!

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