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Professional Teeth Whitening

Wedding season is in full swing and the brides dress isn’t the only thing that should be dazzling white. Professional teeth whitening before the big day will ensure a “Hollywood Smile” in all those wedding pictures.  There are several ways to professionally whiten your teeth. We’ll walk through them below.

Professional teeth whitening can be done by some Knoxville dentists in as little as little as one treatment. This is known as “in-office professional teeth whitening”. It is the fastest course of treatment. For all you procrastinators out there, this is the option for you.

The most common professional teeth whitening that is found in most Knoxville dentist offices is the “custom tray” option. In this method you would have to wear a custom formed mouthpiece that is filled with whitening material. The custom formed mouthpiece holds the gel on your teeth for anywhere from 1-6 hours, slowly whitening your teeth.

A new option that few Knoxville dentists use is the Opal GO whitening system. this system uses pre-filled mouthpieces that are worn in the mouth for 20-30 minutes. This option is so new that many Knoxville dentists have not yet heard about it. It is our personal favorite due to its effectiveness, low price point and great results.

Now you know how to whiten, here are some tips to get a picture perfect smile this wedding season.

Brighten your pearly whites (obviously). Didn’t we just talk about this? Find a Knoxville dentist to review your professional teeth whitening options.

Choose flattering makeup colors. The right lipstick can make teeth instantly appear whiter. Bright red, cherry red, rosy pink, and bright berry colors are your best bet. Remember, lipsticks with blue undertones bring out yellow in your teeth. Using bronzer or sitting out by the pool for a few days can also help make teeth appear brighter.

Strike a pose. Want to know the secret to getting a 1000+ “like” Instagram pic? Relaxation is key. Show a gentle smile, maintain correct posture, tilt your head back and your drop your chin down slightly. It also helps to turn your head at a slight angle to the camera.

Wipe stains away. Have too much wine at the rehearsal dinner? Wipe away wine stains on your teeth and lips with a damp napkin before seeing “cheese”.

Practice. Practice makes perfect! There’s no shame in striking a pose in the mirror. Practice finding that effortless smile to make it look natural.

There you have it, professional teeth whitening in a nutshell. Almost every Knoxville dentist is capable of offering these services. While you’re waiting on your appointment to discuss which option is best for you, make sure and practice your smile selfie and find that perfect angle!

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