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How To Make Brushing Teeth Fun

Brushing teeth, it seems like people are either really into it or just don’t care that much. For many kids and adults brushing is a chore that can become BORING! We’re not offended, we get it, brushing is not the most exciting part of your day. We promise, it is probably one of the most important and there are a few things you can do to make brushing your teeth more exciting.

Update Your Drawer
There is nothing better than a New Year’s Resolution to hit the gym. The best part is buying new gym clothes and a fresh pair of shoes. After that, who cares if you go to the gym. You can generate the same excitement with brushing your teeth. A power toothbrush is a great way to up your oral hygiene game. We love the Oral-B line of power toothbrushes and sell (at cost) the Oral-B 5000 in our office. The Oral-B toothbrush has a built in timer that beeps and vibrates when it’s time to switch from the top to the bottom teeth. It can even communicate with your smartphone so you can track your brushing effectiveness. There are many power toothbrushes for children that play music while brushing.

Challenge Yourself
If you really struggle remembering to brush, find something you want and make a challenge to brush for “X” days. You could say, “I’m going to try that new sandwich shop on Saturday if I brush and floss every day.” Want a bigger challenge, “I’m buying myself a new pair of shoes for the gym if I brush and floss every day”.

Change Up
Changing up your routine will keep you on your toes. Try out one of those new “high dollar” toothpastes to change things up. Buy whitening mouth rinse to add a different step to your morning ritual. If you want to get really wild, try brushing with the opposite hand every day.

Brushing your teeth is important and we want you to do whatever it takes to stay healthy. Have fun and good luck!

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