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Smile Without Smiling

Selfies are great because we get to take picture after picture until the camera captures us at that perfect angle. For different reasons, some people hate taking “regular” pictures. For some, they don’t like features like their nose, ears or chin. Others hate the shape or color of their teeth. Still others just think they look awkward. If it is the shape or color of your teeth then there are plenty of dentists in Knoxville that can help with that. From veneers to whitening, there are many options to improve the physical appearance of your teeth. If it’s not the teeth but just…you…we’d still love to help. We’ve listed some tips to help you look good in those social media pics, no matter how “weird” you think you may be.

• Talk or laugh. Candid photos look more realistic and can capture that natural, inner beauty.
• Don’t stare straight into the camera. Turn your head slightly away. If you haven’t found a dentist in Knoxville and are overdue on your cleaning, this will help take the focus away from your teeth and mouth.
• Angle is everything. Tilt your head down. This will shift the photos focus from your mouth to your eyes.
• Work those eyes. Smiling with your eyes will express happiness without having to move your mouth.

Obviously nothing will brighten your smile more than some conservative cosmetic dentistry. However, while your finding just the right dentist in Knoxville (we know a few ) try out a few of these suggestions. The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Anything unnatural or forced will definitely show up in the picture. Once you’ve found something you’re comfortable with, you’ll be grabbing those perfect selfies in just one shot. Ready, set, say “Knoxville’s Best Dentist”!

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