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Healthy Hydrating For Your Teeth

Summer is full of fun times spent outside at bbq’s, the zoo, the pool, and if you’re lucky the beach! While we are running around having summer fun we tend to hydrate with not so healthy beverages such as sports drinks, juice and mommy’s special drink 😉 This blog is all about hydrating while also keeping your teeth healthy.



When it comes to staying hydrated, the best drink for your body and especially for your teeth is water. Our bodies would be perfectly content if we drank nothing but water. The foods we eat supply us with the nutrients we need, including sugar, so adding sugary drinks to our diet isn’t necessary. Water is the key to healthy hydrating!


There is not a solid answer to this question. Factors such as weight, diet, weather, and how active you are can change the amount of water each person needs. However, the CDC recommends that on average women need 91 ounces (about 11 cups) daily, and men need 125 ounces (about 15 cups) daily.


A lot of patients say, “I just don’t like water, it’s so plain! What else can I drink?” Unsweet tea is A-Okay, emphasis on UN 😉 I personally think that sounds worse than “plain water” so let’s move on to the next idea. Putting some fruit in your water would enhance the flavor without adding too much sugar. Strawberries, peaches, and my personal fav cucumbers are all yummy additions to throw into your Tervis.


Sodas, juices, energy and sports drinks are all terrible drink choices for summer and any other season, too. Coating our teeth in sugar, especially constantly throughout the day, is our first class ticket to tooth decay.


A common misunderstanding is that sugary drinks are okay as long as they are watered down. However, kids should never be introduced to sugary drinks. Watering-down sugary drinks should only be done if a child is being weaned off and transitioned into only water. If your kiddo is wanting some flavor than give them a sugar free popsicle!

Summer is a time for having fun and making memories, not cavities! So let’s watch what we drink while we are getting our tan on!

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