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Summer Break: Remember Your Dental Work

Summer break is fun because we finally have the freedom to hit the lake, explore the Smoky Mountains or just walk around downtown Knoxville and see what’s new. In the summer our days are longer and it seems like we finally have more time to “do stuff”.  While you’re out with the family having fun in the sun you should remember that summer is a great time to get dental work done!

You don’t want to neglect your mouth but if there was ever a good time to have dental work done, the summer season is prime time. In the summer kids are out of school and don’t have to worry about missing school or sports practice. If you’ve been thinking about getting wisdom teeth extracted or braces for your child, carpe diem (that’s fancy talk for seize the day). Here are three reasons why summer is a great time to have your dental work done:


Without crazy school schedules, cheer practice, and extracurricular activities, the dog days of summer are a great time to make doctors appointments. In Knoxville, getting braces for your child usually takes three or more appointments: a consultation, fixing the braces in place, and a follow-up visit. In the summer you can usually knock all that out at once. Once school starts in the Fall you only have to worry about the periodic checkups, and don’t forget your 6 month cleaning appointment at the regular dentist office.

If you are having your wisdom teeth taken out the summer is the BEST time. Since you don’t have to worry about missed school you can have your teeth taken out early in the week. That way if there is a complication the surgeon’s office will be open during the week to take care of your dental problem. Our Knoxville dental office will coordinate between the other oral surgeons and the orthodontists in Knoxville so that your visits are appropriately spaced apart.


Braces can be uncomfortable and the “tightness” will require some getting used to which makes summer a perfect time to get started. It’s easier to get over the initial discomfort if your child can relax at home. It is hard to concentrate in school as it is, and an aching mouth doesn’t help. Eating soft foods at can make the transition to braces easier. Certain sticky, hard, or crunchy foods should be avoided all together.


Oral hygiene is super important with braces. Brushing and flossing 2-3 times per day is essential to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. You may want to try out an interdental brush and a soft toothbrush with slim bristles, which can squeeze into the spaces between teeth and around braces more easily. It is obviously much easier to develop a strong cleaning routine when you are at home for the summer. You can keep your dental work healthy by establishing a good cleaning routine now and then carrying it into the fall when Knoxville schools resume.

So there you have it, a few simple reasons to find a dentist in Knoxville and get that dental work done! All you have to do is schedule your dental work between that beach trip, football practice, cheer camp, swim lessons, the cub scout campout, 4th of July fireworks and the few other things going on this summer!


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