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Avoid Staining Your Teeth

Memorial Day came and went but the backyard summer BBQs are just beginning to hit full swing. While you’re out partying in the sun you may notice those pearly whites losing their luster. Sweet tea, BBQ sauce and Coca-Cola are certain to be at your next backyard bash, and they are all certain to take your teeth from bright white to dull brown. With a few simple tricks and some professional teeth whitening, you can keep your teeth bright and white all year long.

Sip with a straw

When you take a big deep swig of stain causing tea, coffee or wine you are bathing your front teeth in the staining liquid. Drinking through a straw is a great way to get your beverage of choice past your front teeth and down the hatch. In bypassing the front teeth you can enjoy your favorite beverage AND keep your teeth white.

Eat “stainers” in moderation

When it comes to staining your teeth, some foods are worse than others. Soy sauce, tomato sauce, beets and other stain inducing foods may all leave their on your teeth. Obviously it would be great if you could run brush your teeth within 20 minutes of eating or drinking these stain causing foods. We get it, busting out your toothbrush isn’t the coolest thing to do at the pool party. Instead, try taking a sip of water, causally swishing it across your teeth and discretely swallowing. That will keep the staining at bay by washing away food from the tooth surface.

Try fast teeth-whitening

Of course we’ve got to make a professional plug for all the dentists in Knoxville. The best way to keep your teeth white and fresh is periodic “boost” whitening treatments. Our dental office offers a low-cost take-home professional teeth whitening treatment. It takes only ten days to whiten your teeth with this professional whitening system.

Our Knoxville dental office is doing its part to keep you looking fresh. Hopefully these three simple tricks will keep your teeth white all summer long. Backyard BBQs, cold drinks, great music and beautiful smiles all around…doesn’t that just scream America?

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