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Story of the Tooth Fairy

Christmas season is upon us and images of Jolly Ol’ St. Nick are everywhere. Santa Claus is in the limelight, this is his time of year. As the months turn warmer, the Easter Bunny will hop into center stage. These two figures are the power brokers in holiday lore, equivalent to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But what about other notable icons. When do we celebrate Jack Frost and Old Man Winter? Why don’t we go to the beach to celebrate the Sandman? Most importantly, when to we talk about the greatest of them all, the Tooth Fairy!

The Tooth Fairy is loved by all children. According to Tooth Fairy lore, when a child loses a tooth, it is placed under the pillow when the child goes to bed that night. While the child is sleeping, the Tooth Fairy comes to collect it and leaves money or a small gift in its place. Old teeth traded for cash money, that is capitalism in full swing!


The Tooth Fairy operation is different between households. In Knoxville,  it appears though that there are several Tooth Fairies, because it’s way too much work for just one fairy.Boris is one of the lesser fairies of the group. He is a lazy fairy. He sometimes comes for the tooth a day or two late, and he doesn’t put much effort into the payment. He might leave a wrinkled fast food coupon or a few coins. He sometimes even forgets to take the tooth with him.

Wizzie is the overachieving fairy.  She is a very thoughtful fairy. When she is working the pillows it sometimes takes a few days to cash in the tooth. Wizzie shops for the perfect gift instead of leaving money. It may take longer to get your gift, but it is well worth the wait. She eaves items like a new outfit, ear rings, a book, or a toy. Sometimes Wizzie even brokers a deal with the parents. Wizzie is a good negotiator and can usually get the child out of a few weekly chores.

Then there’s Christine. She’s a very wealthy fairy and does not work often. She spends her days doing yoga and pilates and loves shopping at Whole Foods. Christine doesn’t need the income, but occasionally she gets bored  decides to go to work. She makes it rain, usually leaving a twenty dollar bill under the pillow.  She is only interested in teeth that are in perfect condition. For a child to increase their chances of working with Christine they need to have great brushing and flossing habits. Proper oral hygiene will raise the likelihood of a visit from Christine!

We hope that the Tooth Fairy can get a holiday on the Knox County School calendar. We believe that it is perfectly reasonable for her to be help in similar regard as that jolly old man and the bunny. We hope the word will spread about the Tooth Fairy and the importance of keeping your teeth clean for her. A holiday would be a great reminder that children should brush for two minutes twice a day and floss daily. The proposed holiday would remind your child of the tooth fairy’s expectations when they grumble about brushing and flossing. They won’t want to disappoint the tooth fairy after all, especially if there’s a chance of attracting a rich fairy like Christine with some well cared for chompers!

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