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Knoxville Dentist Gives 4 Dental Tips This Halloween To Prevent Cavities

It’s October and that can only mean one thing for Knoxville dentists, an influx of broken teeth and cavities. Knoxville stores have all kinds of non-tooth friendly candy on display. Kids (and adults) in Knoxville are ready for some sweet, sticky, chewy treats come October 31st. For those of us dentists in Knoxville concerned about dental health, this can be a scary thought. Candy is obviously loaded with sugar. The bacteria in your mouth feed of of this sugar and erode the enamel in your teeth. This results in a sometimes painful cavity in your tooth. A cavity may even find its way under all that beautiful dental work your dentist just completed, ruining those esthetic veneers or bonded fillings.

Fortunately for all you candy lovers, there are some satisfying treats that are safer than others. In other words, not all candy is created equal! Don’t forget to follow your dentist’s recommendations and brush and floss after you binge on your child’s Halloween candy stockpile. Enjoy the start of Fall and keep your teeth healthy with these easy tips!

4 Tips From Your Favorite Knoxville Dentist

1. Avoid sticky, chewy, or hard candies. Some of the worst offenders are taffy, caramels, bubblegum, and jellybeans.

2. Some candies that are not off-limits! A soft, melt-in-your-mouth candy like chocolate is a great alternatives. That’s right, eat your heart out chocolate lovers, just watch the caramel.

3. Beware the cavity monsters! All candy, even chocolate, is still full of sugar. Be sure to brush and floss after each time consuming candy.

4. Halloween may be recognized once a year, but why not practice these tips regularly? Be sure to see your dentist every 6 months to make sure those cavity bugs aren’t taking over your mouth.

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