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Whitening Teeth: A High-Tech Approach

In the world of tweets, Instagram pics, Facebook posts and Snapchat snaps you’ve got to have white teeth. If you’re going to put pictures out there for all your loyal followers, yellow chompers just won’t do. You need some professional teeth whitening but don’t have the time, we’ve got the solution for you.

Our dental office has a fantastic custom whitening program. If you want your teeth white we will make custom formed trays for your teeth. At home you fill these trays with the professional teeth whitening gel and wear the trays for 30 minutes in a evening. After two or three weeks your teeth with be white and bright!

If you want teeth whitened in a day then you need to check out the in-office whitening. For in-office teeth whitening you just show up, kick back, and let our dentist whiten your teeth in one sitting. The teeth whitening process usually takes about an hour. You’ll leave with a set of pearly whites that will make all of your followers jealous.

But let’s be serious, between checking your twitter mentions and counting your Insta likes, who in Knoxville has time to search for a dentist? Once you find a dentists then you’ve got to actually go in and see them. Surely there is an easier way. Surely you can whiten your teeth without putting your iPhone down.

Facetune. Professional photographers constantly photoshop models to perfection. Do you think that Kim Kardashian really has those baby smooth curves? Facetune gives you the ability to retouch your selfies straight from your iPhone. You can smooth fine wrinkles, add highlights to your hair and most importantly whiten your teeth. With Facetune you’ll have Perez Hilton reposting in no time.

DISCLAMER: The photo of Dr. Coulter’s wife and first born son are perfect and require no Photoshop editing. It was used as an example to show how even perfection can be modified with Facetune. It is still cold and Dr. Coulter does not wish to sleep in the dog house outside.

There you have it Knoxville, the high tech way approach to teeth whitening. Facetune will allow you to post a white and bright smile of all your social network to see. Just remember that it only works in cyberspace. If you want to whiten your teeth in real life you need to come see Knoxville favorite dentist and ask about teeth whitening.

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