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Food For Thought

Show someone you care by gifting them with 25, 50 or 100 deliciously sweet candies! Valentines Day has different meanings and big boxes of chocolate come to mind for many people. Every dentist in Knoxville will tell you to brush your…

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Turkey Day and Tooth Decay – Eat Up Knoxville

Thanksgiving is around the corner and media outlets everywhere are bombarding us with advice like "6 tips for cutting calories this Thanksgiving". Well guess what Knoxville, if you don't know that habitually overeating is the cause of your chinos no longer fitting…

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Do The Dew…Actually Don’t

For any people in Knoxville, Weigles and Pilot are essential stops to fuel up on the way to work. The black gold from the pumps isn't the fuel people are in search of, instead it's the rocket fuel inside that…

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