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Brush Teeth or Beat Florida

This post has nothing to do with Knoxville dental care, a good Knoxville dentist, getting veneers or having your teeth cleaned. This post is all about Knoxville and the University of Tennessee Football team coached by Butch Jones. It has been painful to be a Tennessee football fan for the past decade. With memories of the 1998 season and national championship fading it is time for UT to become relevant again. The loss to Oklahoma was not enjoyable, but a win over Florida deletes that Oklahoma game from memory. A win over Florida puts Tennessee 1-0 in SEC play. A win over Florida breaks a MASSIVE losing streak against the hated gators. A win over Florida will stop the armchair QB’s who call for our coach to be fired on sports talk. Instead the airwaves will be crowded with talk of winning the SEC and going bowling, major bowling (we’re allowed to dream, this is America after all).


We hope you are brushing after each meal.

We hope you floss 2x per day.

We hope you limit sugar and have cavity free teeth.

We hope TN beats FL tomorrow, otherwise you may want to cancel your Monday morning dental appointment…

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